This icon is a modern version of an exceptionally rare image in the iconographic tradition. Here the Mother of God, St. Joseph and the Savior are depicted working in their various trades; St. Joseph and Christ as woodworkers and the Mother of God is weaving. I have only seen one image in antiquity of this icon, which is why it is so nice to find a modern copy! We can make this image up to 10″ and it is available on both our traditional and classic panels. Simply click on the image itself to find it on the website.

.  small-version

3 thoughts on “ Amazing new icon of “The Labor of the Holy Family” added to the website today. ”

  1. I believe this icon type is actually relatively new, which is why its so rare to find. It developed in the 1920’s as a result of the communist revolution in Russia. The Holy Family is depicted as laboring in response to a newfound emphasis on the worker in Russian culture. Very interesting piece of history, as well as a lovely icon!


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